Sunday, February 3, 2013

A quick update:

My butcher block base and top are complete, the plan is to finish them with a mixture of (perhaps local) bees wax, linseed oil and turpentine.

My bathroom floor is complete! It is made of thin strips of Wenge laminated on to fir, and cut in to various sized strips. As far as I know, it will be finished with a product like WaterLox, which is a hard resin finish. Perfect for a bathroom floor.

I purchased a Fischer stove for $75. The original plan was to heat my little space with a tiny pot belly stove. But after much research and learning and talking, it turns out that is not the best option. I have two goals when it comes to heating my space. One is to use wood, because it is basically free to me. The other is to wake up in the morning, warm. If I were to use the little stove, and stock it up as much as possible. It would roast the small space, and only burn for a couple of hours. 

I got together with two brilliant guys, one is a horse logger, the other a cabinet maker. They came up with a great idea - build a small room outdoors that is very well insulated. Place the stove (the Fischer) inside and pack fire brick and water tanks around it. Connect the room to the house with an insulated pipe. Now stock up the fire and with a lever, control how much heat enters the house. And because of the size of the stove, it will still be toasty in the morning.

Also, I have begun to build my roof! Custom galvanized steel shingles. Pictures and  stories about that coming soon!

Back to the shop,



  1. Celina,
    You may be young, but from the fact that you get things done and the outstanding quality of your work, you are an "Old Salt" since you live up in an area of boaters and fisherman I'm sure you get that! Glad you wrestled the mold issue to submission, best of luck on the rest, look forward to seeing your Tiny House Progress!
    Mark A Johnson

    1. Mark,

      Thank you! I look forward to seeing the progress too : )

  2. Celina,
    I just now caught up on your saga. I hope the glitches don't chink away your enthusiasm. Such a creative, worthwhile project that I can't wait to see. You'll have your own little nest while everyone else is scrimping for that first down payment. Yea!

    See ya on the dance floor, Carol W