Sunday, March 24, 2013

Under Pressure

Test tiles in painted steel (just to make sure they work)!
Hand bending every tile (each tile took 8 bends), a total of 200 tiles.
Working in a sheet metal shop for four days was a wonderful experience!
Building my eaves!
My sissy joined us for a day of prep, getting ready to put Ice and Water barrier on!
My roof is blue with Ice and Water barrier! Now I can sleep at night when it rains. : )
My daddy and I ready to put the (custom made by us) flashing up!

I learned something about myself. I work really well under pressure. When there is a deadline, I get things done and I do them well.

So... I made myself deadlines for everything I have to do to get this project done. I will share the timeline later. But by the end of this month (March) I will:

Finish the roof (totally)
Have an extensive Plumbing and Electrical plan (and maybe even get it wired)
Start building (or get) both of my doors (front door, and bathroom door)
Acquire/make my all of my windows

Many many thanks to Nick at Pacific Sheet Metal and Roofing, for walking me through building a custom roof, and letting my dad and I have run of his shop for four days!

Back to work!



  1. Way to go - girl! You're really getting to it. Looks really good. I look forward to your posts. How's your dad's custom project airfloat coming?

    Lovington, NM

    1. Thanks Ron! Its lots of fun. My dad is pretty much working full time for me : D so his project is on the back burner for the moment.

  2. You can really work under pressure! Isn't that amazing? Now, with a new roof, you can be assured that you are well-protected against all weather conditions! By the way, you made a good investment in the water and ice barrier. We won't know when storms or rains will strike, so it's best to have something to protect us. Hope to seeing more progress!

    1. Yes we must be prepared for all types of weather here in the Northwest! Thanks Tina.

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