Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Art of Manifestation

Throughout this ongoing process of design I have been focusing much of my energy on manifestation. Finding and acquiring the materials I want and need to create this  dream. Many think manifestation is exercising and harnessing the power of thoughts, or the law of attraction. While others think its god or some higher power. While it probably is a combination of all of these, I believe the biggest component is action. Trust me, I have tried focusing my thoughts and energy on something happening. But nothing happens until action is taken.

My most meaningful accomplishment in manifestation so far, with the help of my dad and sister, is two wonderful trips to Europe. Though finances were at an absolute minimum, traveling in a grass roots way, experiences so lush with adventure sprang out of unexpected places and people. I believe simply because we were willing to act on our desires - with a sense of adventure.

Now applying the same concept on a smaller scale (or just a different one) I am in a state of awe at the people and things that I have come upon. It started with an idea - lets build a portable tiny house. The first thing I needed to get started was a chassis to build on - the "foundation." I made that clear to my self, then I spoke about it to the people around me. My dad happened to be the one to say "I know someone who might have what your looking for."….. and the next day I had a heavy duty chassis for $200.

And that's just the beginning - from finding the "perfect" sink on craigslist and having it be just down the road, to going for a walk on the beach after a wind storm and having the "perfect" distressed beam laying in our front yard. It could be coincidence, or maybe not. But either way my eyes were open to the possibilities.

Sometimes all we need to do is make that call or send that email, and as my dad is teaching me. Follow Through.
Take action,