Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tough Decisions, Welding and Reciprocal Relationships

First of all check out this article on my project in the local paper! - South Whidbey Record.

We are faced with many decisions, at the moment I am dealing with two (well many more than two, but two main ones). One - There are people in my life whom have helped me greatly. I could not be doing what I am doing without them. But I also don't want to spend all of my time with them. I am often caught in situations that I don't want to be in, and in order to get out of them I have to choose between telling a small lie, and harming only my own psyche. Or telling the truth and perhaps hurting feelings, thus making me feel uncomfortable. But this should be a post all on its own. 

Two - Trim. It is amazing how a simple detail like trim can govern weeks of my life. Its all I can think about, and yet I just can't decide exactly what I want. Because trim is often viewed as a background detail, but it quite literally frames our views of the world. The choices are practically endless, and this makes the decision making process particularly challenging. Because it is necessary to learn first. And any decision invariably leads to another discovery, which leads to another decision. It is the ripple effect. But when concrete progress is necessary this is not extremely helpful nor practical.

On the note of concrete progress - I spent the last couple days welding on my chassis, extending it out from 8'x13' to 10'x18'. I took an advanced metals class last year, and have a bit of experience with welding. So with the help and coaching of a very good welder and nice guy, Jim, the chassis should be ready to go by next Sunday! Then the floor shall take shape! But I can not start on the walls until I have some more plywood and ridged insulation (check out The Plan for information on materials). 

Throughout this process, I have had the gift of working with many mentors. Most of them are guys in their 50's and 60's who are makers and doers of things. Inspiring to be around and highly knowledgeable in their field. But the coolest thing is, most of them are in our dance classes (my dad and I teach dance for a living - EveryoneCanDance.com). So not only are they my mentors - I am also theirs, and this type of reciprocal relationship is so wonderful. Finding that balance of give and take is so important, I intend to fill my life with this equality.

Make decisions. Make progress. Live well.