Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fingers Crossed

We spent a ridiculous couple of weeks dealing with mold in the 40 degree weather with high humidity. To give you an image of what this looked like, we squeezed in next to the barn with two large ladders, me on one and my dad on the other. Then armed with spray bottles of vinegar and rolls of paper towels, we soaked the walls and wiped them down. Then we soaked them again. Next we dried the entire exterior of the house with a heat gun... then painted it with an exterior primer with a moldacide additive. And again, dried the entire thing with a heat gun. 

There was a moment when we (my dad and I) were up on ladders. I had the heat gun, he had the paint, there was music blasting in the background, we were reaching around each other trying to keep the area where the paint was to be applied warm, while drying the already painted spot. When we looked at each other and started to laugh.

We can't deny it any longer - we are insane!! And for now we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Off to the shop,



  1. Wow, what a sidetrack. Hope it all worked out for you. What is a project without all the obstacles we have to overcome! Keep on truckin'

  2. When I first saw this project, you’re just about to raise the roof. But now, you’re close to finishing it. Well, with your talent, whatever you choose for the roof will definitely be beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing the result! :)

    Richard Boles

  3. Hello Celena! When you’re up for a roof project like this, of course, there will always be a time when you want to break free from what you’re doing. It’s fine since you also need to take a rest once in a while. :) It may be hard but I can feel that you and you’re dad were enjoying it and that’s what matters most! I wonder what would be the outcome of this project. Update us, okay? :)) Good luck!

  4. Good luck, young pickle! I don't live in a tiny house (yet), but i do love them--hope you eradicated the mold. (Bad stuff, mold!)

  5. How goes your tiny house? Is it finished? Did you run out of money? Curious minds want to know!

    1. Thanks for the note Wendy : ) I am moving in in a month and a half! We (my daddy and I) are on the last leg of the journey and going strong. Kitchen cabinets and flooring are currently being installed! The problem is when I am so focused on building, blog posts don't seem to happen : D

  6. Celina:
    Excellent enthusiasm; I see it in your writings. Learning as you go? I'm a Construction Manager (B.S., TAMU, '88). I'd love to 'coach' you in your endeavors (I’ll NEVER feed you untruth(s), ONLY the truth. No need to misguide you in your learning(s)); I can see we'll both learn. I've already accumulated many questions from just your tiny house, "My Tiny Abode," - shingles, 2x2 stud framing, trailer design, etc. dCb (;>} (e-mail: dcburdi@yahoo.com pls.)

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  8. How did your build end? The last post is a year old. I am working on my own 10' x 22' @ peacegrove.org. I hope you made out well and are living in your home. Take care Rod