Monday, October 1, 2012

Metal working + Sink of my dreams

Preparing the steel for the loft floor supports, installing my clothing rack/king post, and MY NEW SINK!!


  1. Hey there Celina. I tried emailing you once before. I am very interested in having you as a guest on the Tiny r(E)volution podcast. You can find out more about us over at . If you are at all interested fel free to email me at I also sent you a FB request in case that is easier. Hope to talk soon!

  2. Solid wall insulation, either from the inside or outside, is a major undertaking and not recommended for even very competent do-it-yourself handy-persons. If you are thinking of adding Loft floor boards to your solid-wall home we recommend consulting a specialist first and, if possible, conducting this work as part of a larger renovation scheme in order to increase the cost/benefit ratio. For more info visit at

  3. It actually looks good even though it’s a work in progress, and I believe it will look better once finished! I also reworked a lot of places in our house, and I might say that the sink is the hardest to renovate. A lot of things had to be considered; a slight miscalculation or misplacement can make the whole project disastrous. Luckily for me, it turned out great! Hope you did well too! :)

    Kurt Verdejo

  4. I bet it looks perfect now considering that you have deep knowledge in construction. Just make sure to double check the pipelines to secure that you wouldn’t have problems with leaks and clogging in the future.

    Darryl Lorio

    1. Well, not quite deep knowledge yet (give it another ten years). : )