Sunday, May 20, 2012

Picture Post

No time for blogging. But a few pictures! Click on the photo captions for more.

Three walls up! These Sing Panels are AMAZING. Time for a lunch break. 

Working on some custom Fluer De Lis brackets.

We spent hours gluing the tiny cracks on my cedar posts, soon they will be flooring.

Tim Leonard has graciously let me work in his shop as I go off on my crazy venture with the plasma cutter and fleur de lis. The long days of sun and KEXP are quite nice I must say. : )

My table top is finished!! I can't believe it I have spent long hours working on this, and there will be many wonderful meals to come.

Dirty faced but happy after a long day of work with my Daddy, I couldn't do this without him. : )

Until later,

Celina : D


  1. You should check out Tiny Texas Houses for some more inspirations.
    and their other site - pure salvage living.

  2. woooow, i'm continually impressed... the table top is especially lovely!