Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It all starts with a dream.

Like most things in life this project started with a dream, a vision an idea. I have always liked small spaces, when I was young(er) I always wanted my room to be the closet. I would build forts and proceed to spend the majority of my days in them - organizing and finding a place for everything. Also I always wanted to be and architect/designer. I would layout dream houses (at this point they were mansions with streams running through the center and water slides from floor to floor.)

But when I was fifteen or so reality kicked in. In only a couple years (as much as I love my dad) I would be ready to move out. And looking at our current situation - renting a 900 sq. ft cottage for around $1000 a month - I could happily live in a space the size of my room. Plus having lived in 14 homes (all but 2 rented) and stayed in 50 homes in Europe, I was ready to have a space of my own. One that I could hang pictures, paint walls or do absolutely anything I like.

Growing up in our household I quickly adopted the mindset - why pay someone else to do it when with a little time and effort you can do it yourself? My dad is a wood worker and has also worked with metal, fiberglass, glass and many other materials. I was exposed to all of these materials, and made my own inventions with the scraps. I grew up making things.

More recently I took two shop classes at the local high school. One of them went through all of the shops, wood, metal, auto and cad. This helped to spark my already growing interest in cars, structures and welding. I then proceeded to take an advanced metals class, where I learned all types of welding and designed and built a beautiful art desk.

This last summer I spent two weeks working 10 hours a day 6 days a week with my dad on a big crazy wood working project. Building 2, 46ft long wavy glue laminated walls for an elevator lobby for Goldman Sack's new office located in New York. It was after this project that I realized - I can make anything.

And so My Tiny Abode was born. The trick is, don't let your dreams be dreams.

Just do it,



  1. YAY! I'm so glad you're writing this!
    (And I'm secretly jealous you're building your place to live.)

  2. I LOVE it "Don't let your dreams be dreams."

  3. A person's true value is based on the amount of saw dust one creates. It is time to get a saw out and make some dust - and maybe a tiny house in the process. : )

  4. This is fantastic, Celina! Definitely post photos showing your progress. I also started a blog recently - in the body of the text you're typing, click on the photo icon and you can embed photos. BTW, Helen is starting to talk about homeschooling again. You're an inspiration to us all. :-)

  5. Let's do this! I love your attitude! Last summer I learned too that I can build ANYTHING when I restored my first vintage camper, practically rebuilding the entire thing. Now I'm building my own Tiny House!
    You go girl.
    check out my own tiny house project (sustainable mobile home):